Let’s talk about Kishangarh, a cool town in Rajasthan that not everyone knows about. It’s about 90 kilometers from Jaipur and just 18 miles from Ajmer. Back in the day, it was ruled by some fancy dynasties like Rathore and Rajputana.

What makes Kishangarh special is its marble stuff. They have this place called the Kishangarh Dumping Yard. Now, this isn’t your usual tourist spot. It’s where they deal with leftover marble stuff, but it’s kind of interesting if you’re into that sort of thing.

Even though it’s not your typical attraction, checking out the Kishangarh Dumping Yard could be a fun adventure. You get a taste of history, see how marble is a big deal here, and maybe even find something unexpected!

In Rajasthan, there’s a place called Kishangarh. It’s known for its beautiful views and interesting tours. Lots of people from different parts of India want to move their homes or offices there because it’s easy to reach from Jaipur by road, train, or plane. We help with planning and give affordable prices for moving to Kishangarh, also known as Dumping Yard Kishangarh.

Why People Visit Dumping Yard

Insta Reels/Youtube Shots

Creating reels or YouTube Shots is a trendy way to share online content. If you’re planning to shoot videos, Kishangarh Dumping Yard in India is an excellent location choice.


Taking photos is a big part of many young people’s lives. For great photography spots, Dumping Yard Kishangarh near Jaipur is a perfect option.

Family Visit

If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot near Jaipur, Ajmer, or Pushkar, the dumping yard is a great fit. Kids can have fun playing games like badminton, cricket, and more outdoors.

Film and Music Shooting

Kishangarh has been featured in several Bollywood and Bhojpuri films and music albums, adding to its allure. One example is the music video from the Bollywood film “Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karoon” by popular comedian Kapil Sharma.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The dumping yard offers stunning views during sunrise and sunset, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Many couples choose this location for their pre-wedding photoshoots due to its serene white sand beach and small pond, providing perfect settings for photographers.

Key Highlights of Dumping Yard Kishangarh

  • Location: RICCO Industrial Area, Marble Association, Paryavaran 2nd Rd, Kishangarh, Rajasthan 305801
  • Phone: 01463-250-327
  • Parking: Available
  • Food: No restaurant on-site, but you can enjoy snacks like Bhelpuri or fruit chaat.
  • Camera Fees: Rs 500/- per day for DSRL Camera
  • Timings: 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
  • Entry: Free, but tokens are required before entry.
  • Google Map: Google Map of Kishangarh Snow Yard

How To Reach The Kishangarh Snow Yard?

Getting to the Kishangarh Snow Yard is quite easy due to the well-developed network of roads, railways, and airways. Kishangarh has its domestic airport, offering regular flights to various cities across India, making it accessible from all locations in the country. The Kishangarh Airport is situated on National Highway 8, 27 km North-East of Ajmer in Rajasthan.

Additionally, there’s a well-connected road network, allowing convenient travel to Kishangarh by road, tempo traveler, or bus. Travelers can also opt for Car Rental services in Kishangarh to explore the city comfortably from any location in Rajasthan. The nearest railway station to Kishangarh is in Ajmer, with regular trains connecting to other cities of India.

Here are the distances from other destinations in Rajasthan to Kishangarh, along with approximate travel times:

  • From Ajmer station, Kishangarh is approximately 28.3 km away, taking about 40 minutes to reach.
  • From Pushkar, Kishangarh is around 43 km, requiring about 1 hour to reach by road.
  • From Jaipur, Kishangarh is approximately a 2-hour drive away, covering 101 km via NH 48.

More About Dumping Yard Kishangarh

The Kishangarh Dumping Yard’s history can be traced back to its construction in 2009 under the Cluster Project, a joint effort by the state and Indian governments. Covering an expansive area of approximately 332 bighas, this project incurred a cost of around 2-50 crores. Managed by RICCO & Marble Association, the yard is dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices and reducing pollution. It took over 200 tankers to complete the dumping of slurry, with the project reaching its conclusion in 2015.

Despite its origins as a site for discarded marble slurry, the Kishangarh Dumping Yard in Ajmer has evolved into one of India’s most renowned tourist destinations. Its popularity stems from its appeal to fashion shoots, videos, photography enthusiasts, and budget-conscious filmmakers alike. What makes it truly unique is its rugged landscape, dominated by mountains of discarded marble slurry, which often doubles as a substitute for snow, providing an adaptable backdrop for a wide array of productions and events.

Best Time to Visit  Dumping Yard Kishangarh

The Dumping Yard Kishangarh unveils its true magic during the winter season, making it the perfect time for a visit. Picture this: a vast expanse of land adorned with mounds and pits, all covered in a pristine blanket of snow. It’s a scene straight out of a dream, turning this desert state into what resembles a Moonland. The surreal beauty of this winter wonderland is something you simply cannot miss.

But wait, there’s more! If you happen to plan your trip during the rainy season, prepare to be amazed yet again. The pits, usually filled with discarded material, transform magically into mini lakes, creating an unexpected island-like oasis amidst all the garbage. It’s a delightful surprise that adds a whole new dimension to the landscape.

Whether it’s the snowy winter or the rainy season’s aquatic charm, Dumping Yard Kishangarh promises to offer unforgettable sights and experiences. It’s a photographer’s paradise, providing endless opportunities to capture breathtaking moments that will stay with you forever.

So, if a visit to Kishangarh Dumping Yard is on your agenda, be sure to choose your dates wisely to witness nature’s surreal beauty at its finest!

Visiting Charges

Visitors to the dumping yard must pay an entry fee to gain access. To enter, one needs to obtain permission from the Marble Association centre, conveniently located just 500 meters away from the yard. This process typically requires presenting valid ID proof and paying an entry charge ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200.

Nearby Places to Visit

With Our Taxi Services, you can extend your visit to explore the nearby attractions around the dumping yard. Here are some places you can include in your itinerary:


It is known for its rich Muslim heritage, Ajmer is home to several spiritual sites such as the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Ana Sagar Lake, Nasiyan Jain Temple, and Sai Baba Temple.


A renowned Hindu pilgrimage destination, Pushkar is famous for its annual Pushkar Fair, which attracts travellers from around the globe. It is also known for the rare Brahma Temple and the serene Pushkar Lake.

Dumping Yard Video Shoots

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