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The "Jaipur to Kota Taxi Fare" refers to the cost of taxi services for traveling between Jaipur and Kota in Rajasthan, India. The cost of this taxi fare can vary based on multiple factors such as the type of taxi chosen (e.g., sedan, SUV, luxury). Reliable taxi providers offer comfortable and hassle-free rides, covering the distance between Jaipur and Kota efficiently. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a taxi ride while keeping your budget in check with the Jaipur to Kota taxi fare. To reserve your cab from Jaipur to Kota, visit Toursmyindia online platform for hassle-free booking.

Jaipur to Kota Taxi Fare






Toyota Innova, Crysta or similar



250 Km




Innova, Ertiga or similar



250 km




Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios or similar



250 Km


Note: Toll & Parking will be Paid by the Customer.

Cabs to Kota

Cab to Kota

Included kms & Extra fare

Cab Price

Jaipur to Kota Taxi

260 kms | 5h 00m (appx.)

260 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after 260 kms



Jaipur Airport to Kota Taxi

250 kms | 4h 00m (appx.)

250 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after 250 kms



Delhi to Kota Taxi

511 kms | 8h 06m (appx.)

511 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after 511 kms



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No hidden prices

Inclusive of GST, state taxes and tolls

Jaipur to Kota Taxi Package


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Kota Sightseeing Places | Places to Visit in Kota


Experience the wonders of a Jaipur to Kota one-day trip with us. Engage yourself in a day of adventure, culture, and history as your journey between two cities. Our well-planned itinerary includes visits to iconic landmarks like the City Palace, Jagmandir Palace, and Chambal Garden, provide you a Kota rich culture and nature beauty. With convention journey, and expert guides, and efficient preparation we make the best of your one-day trip.


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