Book Jaipur To Mehandipur Balaji Cab Fare at Rs 2500

Experience" a spiritual journey with our "Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Cab" service. The sacred Mehandipur Balaji Temple, renowned for its divine significance, is just a 111-kilometer drive away from the Pink City of Jaipur. Our reliable and comfortable cabs ensure a smooth journey, taking approximately 2hours to reach the temple. With fares starting from just 2500 INR, you can "discover" a seamless and spiritually enriching trip to Mehandipur Balaji. Book your cab today to seek blessings and explore the spiritual aura of this holy site.

Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Cab Fare with 250 km Running






Toyota Innova, Crysta or similar



250 Km




Innova, Ertiga or similar



250 km




Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios or similar



250 Km


Note: Toll & Parking will be Paid by the Customer.

Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Cab Fare, Distance & Time

Cab to Mehandipur Balaji

Included kms & Extra fare

Cab Price

Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Cab

111 kms | 2h 30m (appx.)

111 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after 111 kms



Jaipur Airport to Mehandipur Balaji Cab

109 kms | 2h 22m (appx.)

109 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after109 kms



Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji Taxi

231 kms | 4h 26m (appx.)

231 kms included

Extra fare ₹11/km after 231 kms



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Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Taxi Package | Nearby Cities to Mehandipur Balaji Taxi


The "Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji Temple Taxi" service provides a convenient and efficient means of reaching the sacred Mehandipur Balaji Temple from Jaipur. The temple is approximately XXX kilometers away, and the taxi journey takes around XXX hours. This service ensures a hassle-free and comfortable ride, allowing devotees and travelers to focus on their spiritual experience. Whether you seek blessings or wish to explore the temple's serene ambiance, this taxi service caters to your needs. Book your ride to Mehandipur Balaji Temple and embark on a meaningful and stress-free journey.


Traveling from Agra to Mehandipur Balaji? You can hire a taxi for a comfortable journey. Mehandipur Balaji is about 110 kilometers from Agra, and a taxi ride is a convenient way to reach this sacred place. The journey takes approximately 2-3 hours, and you can enjoy the scenic views along the way. Make sure to book your taxi in advance for a hassle-free trip to Mehandipur Balaji.

If you're in Jaipur and want to visit Mehandipur Balaji in a single day, consider booking a same-day taxi. Mehandipur Balaji is about a 2-3 hour drive from Jaipur, making it a feasible day trip. These taxis are available for your convenience, allowing you to explore this sacred destination and return to Jaipur on the same day. Booking in advance is recommended to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to Mehandipur Balaji.

Traveling from Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji with a group? Consider renting a Tempo Traveler. A Tempo Traveler is a spacious and comfortable vehicle that can accommodate a larger number of passengers, making it ideal for family or group trips. The journey from Jaipur to Mehandipur Balaji takes around 2-3 hours, and a Tempo Traveler can ensure a pleasant and convenient ride. To ensure availability, it's a good idea to book your Tempo Traveler in advance, making your pilgrimage or outing hassle-free.


If you're in Bharatpur and planning a trip to Mehandipur Balaji, a taxi is a great way to get there. The distance between Bharatpur and Mehandipur Balaji is around 70 kilometers, and the taxi ride usually takes about 2 hours. You can enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey, with the option to book your taxi in advance for a stress-free experience. Explore this holy destination and its spiritual significance by taking a taxi from Bharatpur to Mehandipur Balaji.

Mehandipur Balaji Sightseeing Places | Places to Visit in Mehandipur Balaji


The Gatolav Bird Habitat is a nature sanctuary known for its significance in supporting a diverse range of bird species. Situated in a picturesque location, it provides a safe haven for various avian species. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts often visit Gatolav to observe and appreciate the rich birdlife, including migratory birds that make stopovers during their journeys. This habitat plays a crucial role in avian conservation efforts, promoting the importance of preserving natural environments for our feathered friends. Visitors can enjoy the serenity of this beautiful habitat while contributing to the protection of these winged creatures.


Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in his Gopinath form. Located in the heart of the city, it stands as a symbol of religious devotion and architectural grandeur. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings, vibrant paintings, and a serene atmosphere that attracts devotees and tourists alike. It's a place for spiritual solace, offering prayers, and experiencing the divine presence of Lord Krishna. The Gopinath Temple in Dausa is a significant religious site in the region, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and spirituality of Rajasthan.


Located in the village of Abhaneri in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, the Harshat Mata Temple is a revered Hindu temple and is considered one of the oldest in the region. It is positioned in close proximity to the famous Chand Baori, one of the largest and most exquisite stepwells globally. The temple boasts a unique architectural style and was originally constructed by the king of Abhaneri. It is dedicated to the goddess Harshat Mata, though some art historians propose that it may have had Vaishnavite origins.


Fort Madhogarh, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a historic and majestic fort that holds a significant place in the region's heritage. This imposing fortress, built atop a hill, offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It is known for its impressive architecture, with intricate carvings and well-preserved interiors that showcase the grandeur of the bygone era. Fort Madhogarh has been transformed into a heritage hotel, allowing visitors to experience its regal ambiance and immerse themselves in the rich history of Rajasthan while enjoying modern comforts. A visit to this fort provides a glimpse into the opulent past of Rajasthan's royalty.


Bara Baoli, also known as the "Stepwell of Abhaneri," is a remarkable historical structure located in Abhaneri, Rajasthan, India. This stepwell is one of the deepest and largest stepwells in the country, known for its intricate architecture and historical significance. It was constructed in the 9th century by King Chanda of the Nikumbha dynasty and served as a water reservoir and a community gathering place. Bara Baoli has a unique design with 13 terraced levels and features beautiful carvings on the pillars and walls. It's not only an architectural marvel but also a testament to India's ancient water conservation methods. Visitors are captivated by its grandeur and the cool, serene atmosphere it offers, making it a must-visit historical site in Rajasthan.

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